Inglot Gel Liners 76&79 - Review


Inglot is known by its freedom system palettes but I would say what caught my eye first were the most colorful liners I've ever seen!
The Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel offers 20 colours to chose from and I couldn't be more excited about them!

White- 76
Red - 79
11€ each 

I have two colours at the moment and one is a white and the other a true red. Both colours I can't find easily and I enjoy the most on my makeup. 
The white was my first ever Inglot product and it's probably 2 years old which seems a lot! At first it was not what I expected it to be... and still isn't to be honest. I don't know if it's the white colour or mine that was not ok but still use it a lot. The formula of this particular one is dry and hard to work with, I find myself having the most trouble getting it off of my brushes but it won't last that much on my eyes... I was so disappointed but now with Duraline (review here) I find much easier to work with it! I really enjoy wearing white liner instead of the classic black! 
By the time I bought Duraline I also decided I wanted to bring with me a red liner since it's one of my favorite colours to play with! This one is so different from the white and that's why I think the first was a bad luck product. I find that it's smoother and easier to work with, it lasts a really long time without cracking and the colour pay-off is amazing! I really recommend it!

Mixed opinions is not a good review in my opinion, so I'll recommend you giving them a try and see how you like them!   

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