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Schedules never work for me.. no matter what. BUT I'm trying to be more organized and keep up with some routines for the sake of my brain!

I love so many things and want to improve my skills in many areas but 1-I don't have the time or 2-I'm too lazy for that. Laziness is never good so I decided to keep up with a weekly schedule and see how I work with it.

(This is my own creation you can download it here *)

Posts will be up twice a week to begin with - Wednesdays and Saturdays (but I might do some seasonal posts at Fridays as well)

When it takes to other areas I decided to include read and watch something at least once a week. Hope it works!
I'll also add the pamper day of the week since I forget to pamper myself sometimes.

I think this will help me to keep doing what I want without procrastinating plus taking care of myself more often.

How do you keep organized? Do you have a plan? Tell me bellow :)

Thanks for reading,
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