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Some years ago I could say it was hard to find a product that stayed for a good amount of time on my skin or had a pretty decent lasting power but nowadays with makeup being as revolutionary as it is we find hard to remove the products completely from our skin. Talking skin later what about our tools? Do we remember to take all the product build up effectively? Hands down I'm a lazy kinda girl and I skip cleaning my brushes as much as I can! What a shame right?!

I always clean my brushes with baby shampoo and use alcohol sometimes to disinfect but I never felt the need to use anything else... but the other day, using the gel liners by Inglot I noticed my brushes were difficult to use after the first application. The product hardened into the brush and not even baby shampoo could clean it! Then I thought... If Duo Phase makeup removers can take that gel liner from my eyes what if I try using it on my brushes?! And voilá! 

My new S.O.S. kinda brush cleanser is my Kiko Cleansing Eyes & Lips makeup remover since it removes effectively every single particle of eyeliner from my brushes and I don't think it damages them at all.. I use it on my eyes and if it's safe for the skin it will be safe for your brushes! Keep in mind I use the duo phase after regular cleaning the brushes with baby shampoo and water! 

Hope you like this tip and don't forget to share with me your tricks when cleaning your brushes! ;) 

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