Tips To Deal With Disappointing Products


It's easy to fall in disappointment when it takes to some products whether they can't work for you or they just are not what they seemed to be. I definitely had that feeling a lot of times before getting into blogging but now I know the best thing to do is always read a lot about something before buying it! But even looking at some reviews I can get disappointed sometimes so I always think about the options!

(illustrative image, don't take the products as reference)

 Here's some tips: 

  • Do a mental or written list on the pros and cons of the product;
  • Give the product another try in the future, first impressions can always change;
  • Figure out if it's the product fault or it simply doesn't work for you;
  • If it's in good conditions consider selling it or giving it to a friend;
  • If the product seems to be useless consider trowing it away.
I always keep in mind if that product is going to be at some point in life used or if someone will like it better than I do! I just trow away things that are in bad condition or have expired! 

Hope this tips help you!

Thanks for reading,

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