The Marvelous Trio - Bioderma Sébium


At a time where the World is full of pollution I can easily say that I feel my skin overwhelmed sometimes.
I've spent a lot in pharmacy skincare for the past 5 years and I was quite pleased at some point but my oiliness never leaves me alone and I felt the need of something more.
I came across this trio and I've been enjoying it.. I hear you ask 'what so special about them?' - you'll see. 

Bioderma as a brand is well-known by its micellar water for sensitive skin but I discovered this wonder range called Sébium that's meant for oily gals like me!

Whenever I wear makeup I always start with a gel cleanser and for that I have the Gel Moussant that makes my skin feel fresh, clean and don't leave it dry. As a second step for the makeup days or a first step for the non-makeup days, I tend to go for my Micellar water that's also meant for oily skins. It leaves my skin smoother and takes off any dirt that's build on top of it. Finally, the moisturizer to complete this Bioderma session: AKN that's meant to combat and prevent blemishes, it has the Bioderma characteristic smell (as all the products from the Sébium range) and it replaces a moist that was taken from the previous cleaning steps. 

Bioderma has not let me down with these and I will continue to purchase their skincare range. If you're oily and can't find something that works for you, give these a try! They're not the most cheap products on the market but fer sure they do what they're meant to. 

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