Let's get Organized!


Organization is something that I appreciate but don't embrace often. I really enjoy an organized desk, room or makeup but often I get things all over the place and procrastinate on putting them at their places.
Since I'm working on being more organized why not share with you some tips I've been following?!

  • Always find a place for things, if you can't find one think if you really need it in your life;
  • Decutler makeup, clothes and other things, keep what you use and love;  
  • Maintaining your room clean is one of the best feelings so it's always easier to put things on their places after using them than have to clean the entire room every week;
  • Boxes are my favorite way to store things and you can always create dividers with foam card;
  • When it takes to clothes I change within seasons so I'll hang up the ones I use on daily basis and store the others for the next season;
  • I always use small dividers on my makeup drawers and have one for each category: skincare,face, eyes and lips;
  • I only keep perfumes or small decoration on top of side tables or desk;
I'm trying to follow this tips and keep my room and desk organized for longer and hopefully it will happen! Share some of your tips bellow ;)

Thanks for reading,

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