Inglot Duraline - Review


August is my birthday's month and so that I just started collecting some products I've been wanting for a while as that excuse comes: 'it's my birthday'...
A few days ago I went to Lisbon and since there's the only place in Portugal that has an Inglot store I decided to pick some of their products I've been lusting for a long time.      
I came through this wonder called Duraline:

"Silicone polymer forms a breathable film while this waterless clear liquid transforms any powder
into an intense easy to apply liquid."  

This is how Inglot describes Duraline and with that I have to add that you can use it as sealing product for glitters or mixed with a powder transforms it into an eyeliner consistency. It also helps to revitalize dried products such as cream shadows or gel liners. 
The packaging is glass and the product is released by a dropper which helps to only use what we need without waste. It is easy to use and one drop is enough for whatever you're doing! It comes with 9 ml product which means a long time addiction to your collection! 
I'm really enjoying using it and I'm so glad I picked it up. I've never seen something like this and for the price of 9€ you can't go wrong! 
It's revolutionary in my makeup collection and I can't see myself living without it anymore!

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