SFX Haul


I know I know, I'm yet to share my experience on my make-up course and it will come soon, but meanwhile you can always take a peek on what I got for my SFX experiments at home!

I started slow, I don't want to buy the biggest bottles there is as I'm sure I won't be doing much at this point in life, which brings me to the mini Ben Nye Spirit Gum (3,50£ 7ml) - an adhesive for all things, is known by its super power and requires a proper remover, and that's why the Spirit Gum Remover (3,50£ 29ml) comes nex t to it. I'm thinking of using it to apply latex pieces or play with scar wax (that I'm yet to buy!).
Liquid Latex (6,75£ 100ml) I opted for the Kryolan one, a good 100ml that will probably be enough for 2 or 3 uses depending on what I intend on doing, not many ideas so far. It's an essential to have anyway!
Lastly I got the Ben Nye Fresh Scab (7,50£ 28g)! This is genius, we used it to recreate burns and gosh it was amazing! I love the texture and colour, I prefer it over fake liquid blood with all honesty! 
Can't wait to start playing around and practicing a whole lot of techniques! All of the products were bought online at Scree Face. 

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