5 High End Products I'm Loving!


When shopping for make-up I definitely noticed I go towards the drugstore more often and experiment more with their products than high end. It might be due to the price tag but also the fact drugstore is launching new things every week that are good quality and exciting to the beauty lovers.
Other than that, high quality (high price tag) make-up lands in my drawers as much and to give a bit love to them I went through and found my top 5 products of the moment.

I've been loving the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equializer Smoothing Primer (24£), the one and only that fills in my pores without feeling heavy on the skin, giving me a smooth canvas to apply foundation onto. It also extends the wear of my foundation so what else can I ask for! It has a light skin colour to it that doesn't affect the colour of foundation, you only need a little bit for the entire face, which makes it last months a months. Worth the money!
Also on the face department, I struggled to find a non-limited edition product to share with you! But after some time thinking I came to conclusion the Mac Blush in Desert Rose (18,50£) is one of my most used products and deserves a feature. It is a long lasting dusky pink blush, natural for everyday use that blends smoothly on the skin. 

I may have cheated a bit in this one but I'm sure you will understand the reasons to! So, remember the thousand posts I wrote about raving the Tarte Tartelette (35£) palette? Yes, of course it is my favourite still, and now has a new sister the In Bloom, that also made to the top 5 ! Tarte eyeshadows are amazing, the fact the mattes on both of these palettes blend so easily makes them even more special. The colour selection is right up my alley and the 3 shimmery shades of the In Bloom are breathtaking. I'm definitely getting more Tarte products once I land in Canada! 
For a good eyeshadow I like a good base, Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ocre (16£) has been well loved since I got it. I use it almost every time I do my eye make-up and what I like about it is the pigmentation. As far as an eyeshadow base goes it has its duds, you can see me reviewing and comparing it to a drugstore favourite here. To cover up the veins this product is amazing and that's the main reason I use it for! 

Lastly on the lips I could just pick one! I have an old favourite lipstick by Guerlain but I'm not sure if it's sold anymore so I putted that one aside and looked to the ones I own and are not limited edition to decided which one was the best. Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick (15,50£)  in Heroine won. For a lot of reasons but mainly because of the colour. It's unique blue hue suits my skin tone like no other blue lipstick and it's quite wearable in my point of view. The formula is good, it lasts long but is not food proof, the good thing is it layers easily without caking up which is a must when a lipstick doesn't stand the oily food test. It feels comfortable at all times during the day and doesn't bleed outside the lip line. I definitely recommend checking out the new range of lipsticks Urban Decay released and if the blue is not for you I bet you will find something on the 100+ new shades and 6 different finishes! 

Tell me all about your high end favourites!

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