The Gold & The Bold


As if you were not expecting something like this to come up... So, let's start by saying there's no gold in here... so far.
The bold is a state of mind, a way of expressing feelings and one that makes you feel like you own the world... or at least is all it gives to me.
I'm a sucker for anything weird, and lipstick is no exception, I hope you enjoy this little (big) collection of fun colours and get inspired to rock that blue you got last month but still had no "chance" to wear.

LA Splash Catrina / NYX Haze / NYX Stone Fox / NYX Up The Bass

The first swatch belongs to the amazing and ever so unique shade by LA Splash - Catrina. It doesn't show in picture how beautiful it actually is - a duo chrome shade that has a blue/brown hue to it - stunning and one of my favourites. Formula wise is superb, it only fades on the centre of the lips when you eat greasy foods otherwise it stays on all day and it's not that drying on my lips on the first 2 layers.
Next to it is NYX Haze one of my recent purchases and favourite greys I've ever seen. It is so unique and looks so good yet not too bold on my lips. Love it for a quick look with only brow gel and mascara!
Stone Fox, also by NYX is on top of the list. The perfect grey for me. I love the formula of the Suede lipsticks and can't wait for the other shades to arrive in the UK. I want them all!!! 
Lastly we have Up The Bass a dusky pink with lots of grey undertones to it. I don't own anything like this, it's unique and the matte formula is not dry, it feels comfortable but I notice it moves around if not careful so it's not as dry as a liquid lipstick, as we would already expect.

NYX Amethyst / LA Splash Amor Eterno / NYX Betrayal 
Speaking of Suede lipsticks, Amethyst was one of my last additions to the family, it is more of a vibrant purple which makes it more wearable than the others. Formula is superb as expected.
Next to it we have another LA Splash this time in Amor Eterno, a purple shimmery lipstick that also is very comfortable on the lips and lasts through a tornado! Lastly on the purple family we have the NYX Wicked Lippie in Betrayal, a high glittery shade that looks stunning with a smoky eye or simple eyeliner. It doesn't set which means you need to be careful when eating not to get it all over the face, apart from that is a lovely shade and formula.

NYX Risque / Colour Pop DR M / LA Splash Venom
Here comes the greens! I can't wait to get more green lipsticks once I go to Canada I've been eyeing Kale by Bite Beauty. Nyx Risque was on my list and is a true shimmery green, I don't wear it as much but it still is a good one to have. Next we have Colour Pop DR M a stunning shade of green the only problem is the formula so freaking dry, after a few hours my lips want to fall! 
Lastly I added a black! LA Splash in Venom, I haven't had the chance to wear it yet but I'm sure it will be as good as the other ones I already own. It swatches a true black and very opaque can't wait to slap it on my lips! 

Colour Pop Jellies / LA Splash Deadly Nightshade / NYX Sinful / Urban Decay Heroine / Mac Matte Royal
To end this in great form I left my favourites for last... the blue lipstick! I own 5 at the moment but hope to expand the collection! Yes Kat Von D Echo I'm looking at you! 
To start the swatch feast I selected Colour Pop Jellies, it sure is a stunning royal blue shade, once again the formula is very dry but it lasts all day. Next to it is mu second favourite blue - LA Splash Deadly Nightshade a dark almost black blue that gives my lips dimension, lasting all day in a comfort way. NYX Sinful is a bright true blue, it looks lighter in here due to the comparison to the others, it sure is an unique shade, with shimmery particles, also part of the Wicked Lippies collection.
My most recent blue addition is Urban Decay Heroine, I'm in love with the lipstick! It has a comfortable matte formula that stays put and only budges when food comes around, it is a a darker blue like the LA Splash one but it comes in a bullet. 
Last but not least is MAC Matte Royal, my first high end blue lipstick and very well loved. I'm not a huge fan of MAC in general but this one is spot on. Shade is different to anything else having more purple tones in it than the rest I own, it lasts a fair amount of time but also moves around with food. It is a great blue to add to your collection.

Share with me your favourite bold lipsticks!

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