5 Pink Lipsticks I Forgot I Loved!


Starting with the big old excuse of there's no such thing as too much make-up... well, I guess there is when you find yourself forgetting about products you once loved.
At this point in time I decided it was good to clean my make-up drawers and organise them, which made me realise how many lipsticks I just stopped wearing for no apparent reason, other than keep trying new ones.

Maybelline Keep it Classy / Kiko 13 / Jordana Matte Gorgeous / Rimmel It's a Keeper / Revlon Sultry

Maybellin Color Drama Lipstick in 210 Keep it Classy is one of those lipsticks I raved about a year ago. When they first came out I would not wear anything else, as the formula is velvety and long lasting. The shade itself, is one of my favourites on the pink family but as fall came by I just putted it aside. Definitely one to go back to everyday use!
Speaking of old favourites, Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 13... if you read MB for a while you're probably tired of seeing this lipstick being featured, but to be honest is one of my favourite pinks of all time. The formula is phenomenal and I even got an orange for a different pop of colour (I feature it here). If you want to get any of these I suggest you to go get this one first and experience the quality for 6£!
Jordana is a brand I haven't had the chance to explore much but once I could get my hands on their Modern Matte lipsticks I sure picked 17 Matte Gorgeous! As the name suggests a gorgeous pink that is somehow similar to the Maybelline one but surely even cheaper. 
Rimmel came out with a whole new line of lipsticks a few months back, The Only 1 Lipstick, and I had the chance to get my hands on 3 shades, being the 200 It's a Keeper one of them. I probably used it just a few times but I remember how much I loved the shade and formula of these. It's a shame they're not featured more in the beauty community. 
And oh! Who doesn't remember the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms? Back in the day they were the holy grail for many beauty lovers and is a shame I just stopped wearing them as much, probably due to overuse for a while! Sultry is a very natural yet stunning pink shade that enhances every look, a pink that will always be on my top list.   

If there's any lipstick you forgot you loved share in the comments bellow!

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