5 New Things!


Lately I've been trying quite a few things that I just wanted to share with you, for the fact that I'm impressed with their performance.
Most of these are new to the beauty world and a few were recommendations... In a favourites video of Kathleen Lights she mentioned how much she's been loving the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes (3£), and truth be said I've been on a hunt for as good wipes as the ones I used to get in Portugal. All the ones I've tried so far made my eyes so sore I couldn't even take eyeshadow off with them, but these are amazing! They're wet enough and the tissue itself is so soft and kind on the skin that I barely feel anything. Finally good wipes for once, definitely recommend! 

As you may or may not know it was my birthday last month and as a treat for myself I picked up the Kiko Blush Cocoa Shock - Silky Rose and Mauve (10,90£) which is stunning! It smells like vanilla cake and has such soft texture! Blends really nicely on the skin with the right amount of pigment lasting all day! Get it while you can, I heard is limited edition!
For the brows I've been trying a sample size of the Benefit Gimme Brow, and after all this years hearing the hype I finally gave in! It sure is an amazing product, but to be quite honest I don't know if I would spare that much money on the full size! Still debating on that, but meanwhile I've been enjoying this mini one very much since I got it!
As far as foundation goes I feel like I'm a pale ghost! I've been struggling, as always, to get a decent shade and since I had a birthday discount I picked up the The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops - Lightning (10£), to help me get a better shade since most of my drugstore options are a tad bit too dark for me! It's working and not changing consistency in the ones I've used it with. So far so good and a must on my kit!
Lastly, I've picked up the Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges (5,99£ for 2) as soon as they landed in my Boots store! These are soooo cute! I love the fact it has a flat shape to the bottom, helps a lot on the under eye as I prefer it opposed to the point, overall is very functional but I could definitely get the same effect with just the original one.  
Overall I've been loving all these 5 new products and intend on getting much use out of them and who knows repurchase the ones that will run out at some point soon!  

Suggest me your favourite products of the moment in the comments! 

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