Top 6 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


A while ago I  wrote a post on my Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection, which in fact has grown ever since. While playing around I thought would be good to put together my top 6, the ones I couldn't live without, the ones I recommend for you if you're starting out or are a very experience makeup artist. The top 6 Makeup Geek eyeshadows you need to try!

The light looks a bit dull but is due to natural lighting and in this case I'd rather not edit it much so you're able to see the eyeshadows as close as possible to reality.

Voltage (Duo Chrome)
My go to inner corner highlighting shade! Shimma Shimma was close but Voltage takes the spotlight. This duo chrome yellow-ish shadow is so buttery and intense that will bring any look to life. It stays put all day no budge like any other of these shadows and stays intense till the moment I take it off. If you're a lover of duo chromes look no further, this will be your new favourite!

Frappe (Matte)
Such a classic transition shade. No need to say more! This warm medium brown is present in 80% of my looks which is a lot considering I'm always switching palettes. Blends amazingly and goes so well on light skin tones like mine, a must to start out your neutral palette!

Wild West (Matte)
Remember Cocoa Bear?! This is the better version of that. I own both but oddly enough I prefer the cooler brown to the warmer. Why? I have no idea, it just looks right! Paired with Frappe creates the stunning of brown creases and goes with everything, and I mean everything! 

Peach Smoothie (Matte)
Another classic am I right? Peach Smoothie is a peachy tone eyeshadow that blends onto my natural skin tone. It doesn't show up much on me which makes it perfect as a blending shade! When doing a smoky eye this beautiful colour always comes in handy, as it will blend the lines without looking like you have something else in there. 

Starry Eyed (Foiled)
I was looking through my foiled collection of shadows and is hard enough to pick one favourite! I went for Starry Eyed simply because is my most worn of the foiled. Once again, a shade that goes with everything and is extremely intense! I notice foiled shadows are best applied with fingers which doesn't bother me at all, but is good to keep in mind. Also they loose intensity throughout the day so on a 8 hour wear they will end up as a normal shimmery shadow at least on my oily lids. 

Roulette (Shimmer)
Hard one! Copper is by far one of my favourite shades to wear and nothing better than Roulette to exemplify that. Makeup Geek has so many beautiful eyeshadows but this one being a shimmer looks a lot like a foiled on the lids. Pigmentation is on point once again and longevity is up there with their mattes and duo chromes. 

I feel like with this 6 shadows you can create so many different looks, some natural and some glam that will be your coverup in all occasions. If you don't want to buy the 6 I would definitely go with Wild West, Starry Eyed and Roulette, for their diversity and different finishes! 

Tell me all about your top 6 Makeup Geek shadows! 

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