Inglot HD Sculpting Powder & AMC Blush


Blush - 124 / 58 / 123 / 29
Sculpting Powder - 510 / 505

As a make-up artist I need to think more often about my clients than myself when it takes to buy make-up nowadays. At some point I had to start building my kit and since Inglot is a professional and very high quality brand I decided to get some of their products to add to my kit but firstly test myself if they're any good! I know what you're thinking! I can't use products on myself and my clients at the same time but fact is when you buy powder products you have to use them in more than one person otherwise you can't make a living out of it. Of course things are disinfected with proper sprays between uses and between different people, I'm fully aware of hygiene, as every make-up artist should be. 

Moving on, I had a fair test out of these to see if they're worth of putting onto my client's face, I don't want to use anything but high quality in my kit and these did stand up to the test! 
The AMC Blushes and the HD Sculpting powders are one of the bests out there, a bit powdery on the pan but super blendable and long lasting on the skin. The pigment is out of this world and I may advise you not to press too hard with your brush and always test on the back of your hand before applying to the face... I had a clown experience in the first time I tried the blushes!
When it takes to shades, I decided to pick up a range for all skin tones, a berry, a pink, a coral and a peach. I can mix and match and there's something for everyone and every look. I definitely will be investing in more palettes in the future since the pans are big and affordable.
For a 6g pan you pay 7£, and the Freedom System Palette Blushes [4] is 12£.
On the Sculpting Powders I got shades 505 and 510, I probably mentioned at some point a few months ago I got 510 that looked alright for my skin tone in store but was way too dark once I got home so to counteract that I picked the 505 and together they're my perfect shade. These I got for personal use but will for sure be picking up most of the shades for my kit. Quality is super for the price! They perform as well as the blushes and are also as long lasting on the skin. I don't have a bad thing to say about these. I recommend them if you're a professional or a make-up lover, they're worth a try! The Sculpting Powders retail for 10£ a 5.5g pan and the palette I got for them was 8£ if I'm not mistaken, for some reason I can't find it online, hopefully it's not discontinued. 
I also decided to include in this post my favourite brushes to use with these! Real Techniques Blush Brush (10£), since has an amazing shape and is super soft, applies blush in a way that is hardly overdone and blends nicely on the skin. On the contour side I picked the Zoeva 109 Face Paint Brush (12£) since it has the right amount of bristles and is packed in a shape that makes contour a lot easier, blending very well the product onto the skin at the same time.

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