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I'm not usually a girl of pinks, and I honestly can't justify the amount of pink lip liners I own, but in a good way, most of them are drugstore which makes me feel a tad bit better!
I'm trying to get out of the comfort zone, even thou it is a hard thing to do when you love your vampy shades all year around, but still, I can always try!

l-r L'oreal 258 Berry Blush / Essence 07 Cute Pink / Essence 06 Girl's Dream / Rimmel 005 Pure/ Kiko Intensely Lavish 04
From Essence to Kiko, I have 5 lip shades that will bring joy to your day, even if the wether is still grey! 
Starting with L'oreal, this shade, even thou it's called Berry Blush, is a bit far from berry in my opinion, a pretty pink that I find perfect for day to day wear! The texture is harder than what I'm used to but on the other hand you get a precise line!
Next to it I have two Essence options being the first one a light and more nude pink and the second a more intense reddish shade. Both of these have amazing lasting powder and glide one very smoothly on the lips. 
My 4th option comes from Rimmel and even thou I haven't used this one yet, since it's new to my collection, I can tell is the perfect vibrant shade, almost neon I would say! If you love a true vibrant pink this is the one to go, I own other shade from this collection and the formula is smooth and lasts long! 
Lastly Kiko had to make a presence, of course! This pencil is from a limited edition but if I'm not mistaken you can still spot it in some stores! 04 is a darker pink, I would say this one is definitely more berry toned than the L'oreal option, and is perfect for a more muted but still on your face pink on a night out! I love the formula, is by far my favourite as it glides on like a dream and doesn't budge!! 

Hopefully these many options will put me to wear more pink lipstick this season while prolonging their longevity! 

Are you a girl of lipliners? Tell me about your favourites!

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