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A while ago I was doing some research on the best beauty books for inspiration and tips. I’m usually too picky when it takes to books, doesn’t matter the subject. In this particular case it got worse when all I could find was the same ol’ stories… I know Bobbi Brow books are good but not what I expect to learn… Since basics are all in I now feel the need to go for something more daring, the best of the best, the artistic, the supreme and that was hard!
On the list I got Rae Morris - Makeup The Ultimate Guide,  Art & Makeup by Lan Nguyen-Grealis and Face Pain by Lisa Eldridge… it will be hard to find something more complete and better than these 3 to be fair.
For the tips and tricks I think The Ultimate Guide is on top, I decided to pick this one up as my main issue with makeup is mature skins and mature eyes, different skin colours and basically everything that is not similar to me, which this covers up amazingly well. I found the step by step and different ways of contouring, doing eyeshadow and even applying lipstick useful to my current knowledge and I feel more confident on the department. It is an easy to read book, with loads of images with high quality shots that makes the overall experience a lesson to take and retake over the years. 
When it takes to makeup history I can’t find better than the Lisa Eldridge one, I haven’t finished yet but as far as I go I’m more impressed. It is a complete book, full on research over the years, it covers the very first piece of makeup to the most recent offers, and I find it gives such needed knowledge to become better at this, if you aim becoming a makeup artist. 
Lastly one of the best books I’ve ever laid my eyes on is the Art & Makeup. It’s pure art as the name suggests, it’s what I call the inspirational corner. It gives me so much, it teaches me so much and all the quality of the work inspires me to be better, be more creative and overcome myself. It is without a doubt one of my favourite pieces of art! 

Tell me all about your favourite makeup books and artists! 

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