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Spectrum Brushes came across my Bloglovin' feed a few times and I was super curious to try them as I heard only good things, and for the price I couldn't resist! 
I choose the 8 Piece Eye Blending Set (29,99£) as I always run out of eyeshadow brushes when creating looks and thought would be a great way to test quality!

I noticed that they're quite big for what I'm used to but I soon adapted to them. The handle is medium thick pale pink with the brush letter and number engraved into it. The synthetic bristles are blue and purple which makes it all up to the fun! I love the overall design of it and to be honest that was what caught my eyes first!
I must add these are Vegan and Cruelty Free which may interest some of you out there! 

Sepctrum has a series of ranges which helps identify the purpose of the brushes where A states for Application, B - Buffing & Blending, C - Contouring.  I find this very unique and helpful for beginners!

This set includes:

A16 Precision Crease
B06 Tall Tappered Blender
B04 Small Angled Shader
A08 Medium Fluffy Shader
A07 Stubby Shader
A12 Fluffy Pencil
A13 Short Smudge
C06 Tulip Eye Contour 

This set is amazing if you love working with eyeshadows, I find that B06 and A08 are amazing for blending light colours into dramatic looks or simply apply crease shades. A13 and A16 are amazing for precision such as intensifying the crease or add some colour to the lower lash line. 
I am definitely impressed with these and will get more in the future, I heard great things about their face brushes too so those will be the next. 

Zoeva is still my favourite eye brush company but very close to them is Spectrum which makes me want to try more from them!
Spectrum offers a wide range of unique and colourful brushes for every taste and I highly recommend checking them out! 

**No, I'm not being sponsored, I got these myself and I'm sharing my honest opinion!**

Have you tried Spectrum Brushes?

Thanks for reading,

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