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I was wondering, once again, why social media took such important place in people's life. Letting alone the fact we all like to know about each other's accomplishments, dinners or travels, I still don't understand why I'm a better blogger if I share my post 3 times a day on every social media available to date!
Why I'm a better writer if I share a bit of the text on twitter, facebook and whatever page you may think of right now... why I'm a better photographer if I spend endless time adding filters to my blog photos on instagram... why I'm more successful if I interact with people I don't know!

To me, blogging is about the blog itself, not about social media. The only place I read posts is Bloglovin', and how do I get to know new blogs? Over people's posts on sharing their most read blogs, their favourite posts of the month or even on the explore section of Bloglovin'.
I like the fact we can chat with each others on twitter and share opinions on subjects and recommend products, but imagine someone who actually doesn't like to interact with new people? Their blog must have 100 views after 1 year if social media is that important...
I think is wrong to define a blogger's effort throughout their social media pages. I suck at sharing my posts, and I'm completely fine with that. Why should I spend so much of my time doing so? I've tried it for months and I didn't gain any more followers or views because of that, not significantly that would make me do it for the rest of my blogging days. Maybe it's just me!
I'm not saying you shouldn't go on your social media and share your blog, you can do whatever you want, I'm just expressing my frustration over the fact social media rantings are more important than the content of the blog itself. 
I am the first to not read posts through facebook or twitter, I visit instagram once a week if that much and is to get inspired by makeup artists rather than see the new post from blogger X... Pinterest is the place I keep going for diys, cake recipes and life hacks, not blog at all - even thou I have a board with my blog posts - I thought it would be good to keep it safe somewhere and see progress!
Snapchat? What's that? Any other I'm missing?
Bloglovin' to me is the perfect platform for bloggers and it's the one that probably gives the most traffic to everyone! It keeps the posts by blog, and time, I just have to pick how to read them and I can save them for later on!
I get very pissed off when a blogger keeps posting 5000 times a day the same posts,  I probably unfollow for the amount of spam I get.
Let me put it this way, if someone I follow shares 3 times a day, morning, lunch time and evening, I'm completely fine with that and it actually may catch my attention to the subject. But when the spam is real it's quite hard to keep it up, and I don't go on twitter to read blog posts, I go to see whatever people is complaining about or the news from brands I like!
I've been using buffer in order to share more my posts but mostly I have the Bloglovin' sharing button active so every time I have something up it goes straight to twitter, if you want to read it amazing, if not, it's fine! 
It just came to my mind that if we already have a platform where we can interact and share our work with fellow bloggers, why do we "obligatory" have to keep up to date with every other social media platform in order to progress?!

This is my personal opinion, I don't intend to offend anyone. I'm a person who doesn't use social media that often so if you see me around is probably on twitter... but that is not the question here. I just don't think it is fair for everyone to create rules around platforms that have nothing to do with the blogging world. 

Leave your opinion down, I'm more than happy to hear about your thoughts on the matter!

Thanks for reading,

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