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Is it me or braids are "in" this season? I've spotted a lot of people wearing some braids here and there and since I've been a bit obsessed with them myself, thought it would be good to share the looks I usually go for!
I may sound very disgusting right now but I wash my hair every 3 days,  I used to do it everyday and my hair got so weak that if I constantly wash it, I'll go bald soon!  
Even with the oiliest scalps, I can tell dry shampoo can do a lot for me on the 2nd and 3rd days, but also styling it helps taking attention from the root itself and bring it to an overall, complexed look, that in fact is as easy as a ponytail!

My first look is two braids that go from each side of my head, I middle part it for this looks but you can play around and do whatever suits you best. I start braiding it on the top adding a piece everytime I join them together, you can see plenty of tutorials online on how to do this! It's one of my favourite hairstyles to rock when going out or even to work!  

On the second day if I'm bored of the down braids I just cross them at the back and hold them with bobby pins on the top making a beautiful yet very simple up do! The messier it gets the more I like it!

On the third day I always go for either a half braid or just wavy hair! To do this I simply undo the braids till I reach the top of my neck, or my hear, and I put an elastic at that point, it looks like piggy tails, but in my opinion, better! The wavy look at the lower end gives a twist to the braid breaking the "formality" of the look.  

Lastly I also like to go for the free waves, naturally created by the braids themselves, heat and damage free! 

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