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Cocoa Blend by Zoeva, might be the most talked about palette of 2015, probably more than their brushes! Needless to say the brushes are some of my favourite for years but I never gave their makeup a proper try!
After endless amazing reviews I decided it was time to pick this palette up, and I'm a tad bit disappointed to say the least...

The shade selection is nothing that special, I own most of these shades in other palettes but still, it is a nice combination if you love warm shadows - like I do - since it's only 15£! Not much harm to the wallet!

Packaging, is slim cardboard, closes on magnets and has a decent size to it, good for travelling for sure! It comes with 10 round pan eyeshadows with 1,5g each, varying from matte to shimmery finishes with some pops of colours between the neutrals!

My big disappointment with this is the fall out and colour pay off! As the Vice 4 I need to do eyes before face when using this, which is a bit of a pain since I don't like to start with that, when I'm in a hurry, but oh well, it has to be this way otherwise I end up with my face full of eyeshadow!
Most of the shades are my cup of tea, the ones I like the least are Beans Are White and Infusion, the two darker shades that look the same... Colour pay off is not up to my standards of good, I pack colour and the more I pack seems the more I'm taking off... it happened with higher end palettes before, I'm not saying it's due to the price or brand itself, just this particular palette, as it's the only one I own by the brand, doesn't show up as much as I'd like to on my eyes.

Still I love most of the shades, starting with Bitter Start as the perfect brow bone shade and Sweeter End to the inner corner! Substitute For Love and Freshly Toasted are also amazing for the crease, but still I would grab Cocoa Bear and Frappe from Makeup Geek first...

Bitter Start / Sweeter End / Warm Notes / Subtle Blend / Beans Are White

Pure Ganache / Substitute For Love / Freshly Toasted / Infusion / Delicate Acidity

As you can see by the swatches the shimmery ones show up better than the matte ones, even thou Infusion lacks on pigmentation and the shimmer is barely noticeable! 
Warm Notes was one of the shadows I though I would love the most, it looks good on the finger swatch but with a brush it's poorly pigmented and crumbles!

Overall, for me it is a big disappointment and I honestly can't see what the fuss is about, it is a good palette for the money? Yes, if you're into the one swipe eyeshadow or the washed out looks, but for someone like me, who loves intensity, good pigmentation and mostly, non patchiness, it is a big waste of time.

I can't really say all of their palettes are like this one, as I haven't tried any other and it happens that sometimes quality varies between batches, but still, it was not good enough to make me think of buying another one. 
I will keep myself to their brushes that are undoubtedly amazing and leave makeup for someone else.

I must remind you my opinions are my own and not to be followed as a rule, read more about any product I mention and make up your own conclusions.

Have you tried this palette? Give me your feedback on it!

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