Blush Roulette | Spring Edition |


Blushed cheeks make all the difference, no matter the season or occasion, a little bit of rosy powder will bring any complexion to life.
One thing I've been loving lately is how versatile a blush colour can be, and even thou I own quite a few in my collection, I find the ones with multicolour are the best for the approaching season. 

Doing a bit of research between the blushes I own I narrowed down to what I would call blush roulettes due to their different colour combinations, and beautiful designs!
Kiko Shade Fusion Blush Trio (10,90£) in 05 Marsala is my favourite of them all, due to its versatility all year around, both in shade and durability on the skin. Catrice with a similar shade option, offers the Multi Matt Blush in 020 La-Lavender (~5€) also very versatile but this one coming in a bigger pan with 4 optional shades, I love to pair the bottom two and the top two together or swirl all around! 
In one of the previous collections - Viennart - Floral OrnARTment (~5€), Catrice came out with the most beautiful blush with a stunning pattern of two distinct shades of coral. It is the perfect combination for the summer, can't wait to wear it more often!
On a more recent launch L'oreal presented the Sculpt range which includes 3 blush shades being Soft Rosy (7,99£) the only one catching my attention, it's safe to say this will be my most used this Spring. The more vibrant pink in one side combines very well with the paler on the other end, giving the perfect flush for sunny days!
Lastly, Soap & Glory has to offer a true blush roulette - Love At First Blush (11£) - I find this blush very specific for the summer as it contains a lot of shimmery particles and personally I don't like to use such intense thing on winter days. It has the most strong combination of them all, with a white, medium pink and dark mauve which makes it all very unique.

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