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Ohh well, I can say now... I'm a weak person!
I failed completely my spending ban for the 1st month of March which will take consequences upon my final goal... less money for IMATS! *crying out loud*
Still, I managed to use up a whole lot of products which was also on my goals list! So not that bad...
At the beginning of the month I got me some Kiko makeup as I went to Oxford Street - that happens twice a year - so I justified the purge and the fact I spent just 30£ was not big of a deal at all... 

Close up of my hair! Blue and Green vibes! 
After that, no more makeup came into the house but hair care products... let's start this properly... I was bored and decided to go back to my coloured hair, for those of you who don't know I used to dye my hair purple and green 2 years ago and had to quit due to school regulations. Now that I am no longer in school and my job allows me to do so, I ended up dying my hair half blue. I did it myself if you wonder and I can see by the expression of my coworkers people around here is very scared of doing things by themselves... but if you have experience on the matter why pay 100+£ to do your hair in a salon? It just sounds like a waste of money to me.
Long story not so short, I ended up buying bleach, serums, hair dye and all that jazz which cost me quite a bit, I would say around 50£ all together. 
Apart from that I just got me more micellar water that surprisingly I ran out and I need to use it everyday in the morning as I refuse to wash my face under cold water with multiple products at 5 in the morning! 

On the lifestyle bits I spent around 15£ on homeware and a loooot more on a trip to Canada!! Very exciting but left me broke! Still I manage to have money to eat but at the end I just got 50£ out of this months wage for IMATS which completely fails my goal of taking up 100£ for every 4 weeks. 

I had my weak time, I don't think I need anything else from now one, so hopefully I will manage to save more next month, who knows I can compensate this months disgrace and save up 150£! Let's see what life brings, I will keep you updated on twitter for sure and by the end of the month I'll do my 2nd review!

Who would say it is so hard to save!!! 

Thanks for reading,

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