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I want to make this so one day I can remember the journey, how I got where I'm going to be and the reasons why it took so long.
It's been years and years since I decided to become a makeup artist, I never had the approve stamp from my parents...
Which brought me to where I am now. Started with Art in Secondary School, 3 years of creative content, video exploration, observation drawing that I totally hated for some reason and the eternal expectation of applying some of my knowledge into what I really wanted to do. It was never a problem to have an idea for my future, never struggled to think of what I want next, what I want at the end of things.

After 3 years of intense, boring, exciting and fun art classes I knew that what I wanted had to be somewhere else, thou still related. I remember asking my dad if I could go to makeup school next and he would mock me, even thou with no intentions of hurting my feelings at all... but you know when you come from a small town people tend to think you will either be a nurse or a teacher, arts would never be a way of income, success or any valuable achievement in your life.
While back, at the beginning of my Art journey I decided I wanted to pursue cinema, I love Tim Burton to death and my ultimate goal was to be the next macabre yet fantastic director, which didn't happen at all... After 3 years as I said, I felt done with school, I didn't want that anymore, I didn't want pressure, essays, exams or anything related to that. I want to do something practical. Once again, I went to my parents and said I want to be a makeup artist... still not approved!
So that summer, I was sure I didn't want university, I didn't apply to any even thou my grades would be more than enough to get into any cinema course in Portugal. I was watching TLC some random day and found out Cake Boss, it sounds silly to someone who knows a lot about pastry to say that Cake Boss inspired me to get into that, but it's the truth. I know my dad loves cooking and he would be proud if I'd become a chef. I hate the whole sense of cooking, but in the other hand, I love baking, so I applied for that. I had 3 goals from that Summer on. I would apply for a Pastry Course, it would take me 1 and half years to finish and after that I would move to England and pursue what I want in life.
As for one time it all happened. I hope to never forget the day I knew I got into Pastry school... I cried a lot and begged my mum to go to Makeup School, once again, as I knew I wanted to do that and not baking or cooking. But still she didn't listen, nor my dad did. 
So it all happened, I went, I hated it for a while I loved it for a moment and when it finished I felt relieved. I told my parents I was moving to England, it was hard but I couldn't keep it anymore. 
1 year later here I am, I worked for a shitty company that made my life hard for a while but gave me experience that brought me to my current job, that I love. 
I can consider myself a successful pastry chef, I'm working for a company I admired ever since the beginning of my journey and I feel accomplished. I never wanted to be the best of the best I just want to be the best of what I can be. I didn't have intentions on creating deserts, I just love decorating. Which brings me to the overall scene - Art! 
Rewinding a bit, every time from my 1st year of Art school I used to get home and practice makeup, watch youtube, read blogs, look out for new techniques... I found out about Face Off and I knew deep inside Cinema Makeup School was everything I wanted for years but couldn't see. There was times on my Pastry Course I would go to school from 9 to 9 and get home, play with makeup, no matter how tired I was. There's times today I work 12 hours in a day but I get home and I still feel the sparkle to do something creative with makeup...
A few weeks ago, my dad and I had a big talk and he told me, if makeup is really what you want go for it. That was all I needed to hear... Have some support from someone I admire in everything.
So after all this journey, here I am... I applied for a 8 week makeup course in a school in London which I know will open so many doors for me in the future. I am scared, I confess! I know a lot of things but I have not much experience in doing makeup on other people, just on myself. But one thing I know... I had a hard time getting here, I won't let this fear of not knowing enough pull me back, after all I'm going to a school to learn more and become better... 
On a side note I want to say I love baking and mostly decorating still, that gave me a lot of knowledge that will be very useful in my future makeup career and to be honest, I wouldn't change a bit of this journey! I will keep my job on the weekends, and go to school on week days, it will be hard to keep it up but it will worth every moment. After all I will be doing the two things I love the most!

If you made it till here thank you so much for keeping it up with me. I want you to know, no matter what you want in life, sometimes it takes time, effort, sacrifice to get there, but at the end it will be worth it and if you think about it, you'll see how much more mature you are and how right the moment is to do what you were waiting for. 

Thank you so much for reading!

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