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2015 has been the most amazing year so far, I moved to the UK, I got my first job, changed to a even better one, I'm living with my partner and my blog is what I wanted it to be - me, myself & I.
If we look through statistics it was not that different from last year apart from my passion for it that grew each day, my lack of thought on the numbers and the new people I met through out this journey!
Ever since I started blogging I noticed some of my favourite posts don't make that well and they're not read by many maybe the time is not the best or you simply were all busy doing something else, which is fine for me, but as I want you to get access to my favourite content of 2015 I'm putting this post together for you and hopefully you'll find something you haven't read yet and is helpful!

I want as well to tell you how thankful I am for all your comments and mentions, for your time to read Mary Bloomy and support to keep on doing it better and better each day!

Thanks for reading,

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