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As part of my 2015 Gift Guide series I decided to split it into categories rather than genre, so here's the body care group! I'm only talking about the The Body Shop since it's the only brand I picked things from till now and decided it is a good way to show you the things I picked for my mom, and myself, for the party season! There's a whole lot of different and amazing brands that I want to grab things from in the near future and one of them being Soap&Glory as their gift sets are superb! If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to leave them below! 

I'm glad at this moment that my mom doesn't read my blog since she doesn't speak english so I can
tell you all about what I got for her from The Body Shop, one of her (& my) favourite body care brands! 
As an avid coconut lover I couldn't pass without getting some coconut bits and bobs and went for the Coconut Festive Picks (18£) that comes in the adorable box you see up there and inside has the Shower Cream, Body Butter, Body Scrub, a Soap and mini Bath Lily! I think she's going to love it and the best part is you don't need to wrap it as it already comes in this beautiful and non revealing packaging!! 
To add to the fest I also got her the Soft Hands, Warm Kisses Coconut Set (7£) that comes with a hand cream and lip balm!

Since TBS came out with the festive scents I couldn't resist and pick something for myself! I initially went for the Frosted Cranberry Treat Box (8£) to see how much I liked the scent and texture and must say after a week I went to grab the full size shower gel from the Frosted Cranberry, Glazed Apple and Frosted Plum ranges! I couldn't decided between the 3 so why not get them all! The Body Shop offers amazing deals online and the gift bags are to die for, ranging from skincare to fragrance it is all up to your taste!

If you don't want to gift everything from the same brand I suggest taking a look at Soap&Glory amazing gift sets, that I will for sure get my hands one soon, Dove is also making great deals with products into bags, and I love their shower creams, Sanctuary Spa other brand I can't live without bringing a whole lot of amazing luxury like gift sets for the party season, and many other brands that you will easily spot on in a Boots, Superdrug or Supermarket near you! And for the avid Lush fans they're on fire this year!! 

Tell me all about your favourites!

Thanks for reading,

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