A Walk Through | Richmond Park | Winter Edition


It might be the first time this year a post hasn't come out at 9o'clock and that's due to my lack of pre-schedule posts and since Christmas time is meant to be spent with family enjoying the outside world I didn't really find a day to stop and write...
I hope you had an amazing Christmas as I certainly did since my parents came over and spent it with me here, in the UK! It was one of the best holidays so far and since on the 25th we had nothing else to do we decided to go visit the Richmond Park!
I love autumn but winter leaves nature breathtaking as well! I took some pictures along one of the sides of the park, since it's so big that you can't look at it properly in just one day!
If you live around you know the weather has been like this, grey, so excuse the lack of light in photos, none of them were edited as I want to give you the truth image I could get :)

Hope you enjoy this little tour and come for a visit someday soon! xx

 Thanks for reading,

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