Smoked Blue | A Winter Approach |


I am finally publishing this look, I may have done it like 2 months ago, and as it didn't seem much appropriate for Autumn, in a generalist way, I decided it would be great for winter, and the best part is all using drugstore products! 

To create this look I used the Essence All About Greys Eyeshadow palette that is, as it seems, full of grey toned shadows and includes white and black! Composed by 8 eyeshadows whereas 4 are cool toned and the other 4 more on the warmer tone, for this look I used the first row - white on the inner corner and inner part of the lid, a hint of the light silver all over the lid, followed by the dark grey on the crease blended and finally a hint of black to enhance the crease!
On the lower lash line I have the dark grey mixed with the silver, completing the look  with the Rimmel Scandeleyes Waterproof Gel Liner in Navy! 

I love how this look turned out and already wore it twice, which is not a usual thing for me! The blue eyeliner complements the grey tones so well that makes my brown eyes pop and be all excited for winter and snow and all!!! You sure could pull this off on Christmas day it would perfectly go well with a mauve pink lip! 

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