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Blogging, everyone knows what that is, a trend?! Many would say, but to me it is a way of expression, a personality explosion on internet, a way of sharing information on subjects we care about, a friends maker, a opportunity giver and a lifestyle. 
For the past two years I've been dealing with blogging on my shoes, I've met a lot of blogs through out the journey and some I just left to whoever is interested in them, others I keep as treasures. Blogging is what it is, a way of communication that's being over explored by opportunists and slowly destroyed by consumers. 
More than a place to share it's become a place to trade, I read your blog if you read mine, I'll comment if you comment on me, I'll share if you share... and the essence is disappearing...
Money aside, it's nothing to do with sponsored posts within the limit, honesty is essential and I will no matter what keep reading a blog if it carries honesty in it, but the fact someone expect me to read their blog in trade of them reading mine is a bit over the limit to me.

I've learnt a few things with my experience, one being statistics does NOT matter for sure if you're final goal is to do what you love at the end of the day, escape from current problems, share your talent and passion or just the joy of commitment. They DO matter if you're goal is to get approval by the world who consumes blogs or to approach as many people as possible, whether you're a company or you want companies to achieve their goals through you. 
With this in mind, I came to conclusion that nowadays is rare to find a blog that is not interested in getting connections with brands whether it is for recognition or free products, it really doesn't matter the reason, what matters is the final impact in the community. If you aim to get known by whatever reason it is, you have to be worried with your numbers, does it means you're not doing a great job if you don't get 1000 followers each night? No, if you write for your personal fulfilment, and yes if you're trying to get your name standing out of the crowd. 
There is plenty of blogs that teach you step by step on how to achieve the top, 20% is luck 80% is work so go for it, do your research and give all you have to your final goal.

If you write because you love the subject, the connection with people on the same platform, if it's not a shore to take pictures, edit, write, do research, you don't feel like you should get paid for that... I bet you're doing the best of you each post, each day. You don't have 10000000 followers? It doesn't take value from what you do! That's the point I want to make! If your blog aims to stay as true to yourself as possible with no intentions other than staying away from the 'real' world, you are indeed doing an amazing job and whoever doesn't appreciate it its loosing the chance to know more about that book, city or makeup item you love so much!! IT IS NEVER YOUR LOSS! You're gaining experience, knowledge on the subjects, remaining committed to a goal, exploring your skills, there's no better thing than that! 
It is important to understand you will get less and less comments of people who don't really care about your content but in other hand you will have a truly view of your work, people that do care about the content will follow, read, comment when they think they have something worth the say, and be there, not as a number but as people, taking the time of their lives to know more about what YOU share on your little space! 

I have 460 followers on bloglovin at the moment, do they all read my posts? I assure you not even half care about, why do I have so many? Some read because they care, some like 50% of my content and stay for those posts, some are waiting for my follow back or a comment of mine to comment back, some are there for sympathy, some are there because they don't give a shit to hit the unfollow button and mark the posts as read every single time they pop up, others simply gave up. 
You see, there's plenty of reasons for people to be on your number of followers but at the end of the day you will count the ones who really take time for your blog, I know straight away the people who like my blog and I can tell is like not even 10% of my following list. So numbers really do matter? I don't think so. Am I doing a bad job? No! 
I'm being honest on every post, I admit I am lazy sometimes and could organize my content better but well this is how I am, if you know me personally I must be the most disorganised person you've ever came across but I still keep up with my schedule like no other thing, and still talk about what I love, I still enjoy taking pictures, experimenting products, I still love the essence of sitting down and sharing my thoughts on something like I am doing right now. So I KNOW I am doing a good job. 

I have really strong opinions on this blogging subject that would make a book just all about it but well, I have no patience for that and don't aim to spend loads of time in my life sharing something to people who don't give a shit about it.  

At the end of the day, if you're reading this post for whatever reason you have, thank you for taking your time. I know how to appreciate the time people take for my non sense :) 

Big Love!

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