Rouge de Guerlain


Hello beauties!
This is something i would never in a million years think that would be able to talk about...
I know for some of you it's not a big deal but to me it is...
Let me introduce you Rouge de Guerlain Lipstick:

I can't even believe i have it... 
It's my first High End Product.. so please understand my excitment
I never got into those high end brands but i honestly want to try some of them such as MAC

As you can see this lipstick is in number 13  in the colour GINY
It costs about 41€
In sales was 20 €
 I bought it at Douglas, since my mom gave me a gift card last christmas.
I was so doubty of what to get and the lady show me some high end products in the sale section.. i was looking at a Dior lipstick but then i saw this one and my heart skiped a bit

The packaging is just amazingly beautiful!  
I love the fact that it has double mirror and it's automatic.. the mirror opens when you push the lipstick.

And the colour 13 is just gorgeous... i'm a girl of nude lipsticks, the other i saw there wheren't much my thing so if i was to spend that money on a lipstick i have to pick one i'll use much.  

Here's the swatch at natural light: 

I think its an everyday colour, at the same time sofisticated
It has a shine but not glitter, it's more like a moisture shine 

Here's how it looks in my lips: 

I'm really happy for having it, i think its amazing!

Do you have any high end products you recomend? Or do you want to try some?
Tell me bellow! 
Thanks for reading ;)

Have a nice day!


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