Creativity Bellissima Imetec Curlying system- review


Hey sweethearts,

Im here to share with you my opinion about my iron that's a straightener but also made to curl... let me show you:

The name is fadded 'cause i have it for almost 3 years now
A good time to make a review i guess

So.. as straightener it's good but i'm here to talk about the curlying system
It's a good wand i'm a bit complicated with it, but i know its myself 'cause my room mate does her curls easyly with a wand like this.

It cost me 50€ so i think it's a good price for the quality it has and for the things it can do since i can straighten my hair or curly it with the same equipment
It heats up to 200º 
The round  shape of it makes it easy to curl but i admit that i am dying to buy a curling wand to compare to this... and i find that it would make curls more durable through the day since it would heat all around  
Here's a photo of my hair curled:

It took me some time to get to this point
in this picture i seem to have long hair but in my opinion it's not that long

I like it , it does the job, it last me for a long time and for the price it worths the hype!

Thanks for reading,



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