The Golden Brand Series #3 - EyesLipsFace (ELF)


Hey hey hey , how are you? I hope you're right!!

Today's post is about brands as you already know :)

My first one was about Restyle and my second one was about Kiko Makeup Milano.

To the 3rd post i chose ELF, in Portugal we don't have a store, we can although place orders online at the ELF site or some stores that sell it here (Neon Cosmetics ; Lojinha da Janina )

ELF is a brand created by American celebrity and beauty professional Scott-Vincent Borba and it's on the market since 2004 with the mission to provide customers with quality cosmetics at low prices. 

They have 3 different lines of makeup :Essentials, Studio and Mineral.

The Essentials line have the cheaper prices all round 1£/1.50£ 
The Studio line have prices between 3£/3.75£ - 7£ 
The Mineral line 3£/5£/7£  

You pay the price for the things you get, i have products from the Essential and Studio lines and yes i see the difference between them.. It doesn't mean that the cheaper is bad it means that the others are better quality..
I don't have anything from the Mineral line but i'm sure you pay different prices because the products are different, they have different ingredients..

For what i have i can tell you it's a good brand, with great quality products for the price you pay.

I have a palette and i love it! the shadows are amazing and pigmented, i did an entire post about it with some looks here .

I also have brushes , 2 from the essentials line and about 6 from the studio line .. yes there's a difference between them and it's not only the price! I also have lip products.

In general i really like ELF they have amazing quality products for the price and they also have great sales during the entire year!! 
Now they have this 70% off at the sale section and also 25% off at the non sale items! You have to check it out!  

Designer -  Essenctials is a cheap looking packaging but admit it you are only paying for the product since you pay little - 6/10
Studio - it's sleek , looks expensive and are great quality 9/10  
Quality - Great quality, the studio brushes are amazing 8/10
 Price -  Affordable 10/10 Sale section is amazing as well, they always provide sales trough the year 
Shipping costs -  it's reasonable 8/10 
Staff - the orders always come in time, the packaging is well protected 10/10 

In general it's a 8/10 brand , i want to try more of their products and maybe do some reviews !

Do you have any elf products? Do you want to try? Tell me bellow your opinion about cheap brands :)

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!


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