White Dust


Hello beauties, today i have a new look, not a daily look but an inspired look ...
The only thing i wanted to use was white but then i decided to use a bit of blue 

I used face paint and a eyeliner from Inglot in no 76  and eyeshadow in white and blue
i used an highlight from JB collection (Essence) called SWAG (have a review here)

I know my left eyeliner is thicker than the right one but  when i had my eyes open that looked similar since my eyelashes are also white (i'm just a begginer in this face makeup using face paint so excuse my mistakes) 

On my lips i used white face paint and the early eyeliner 
As you can see it doesn't look flawless but i like it this way
My left side so you can see my attempt of contoring with blue and white eyeshadow.

Hope you like it!!

Thanks for reading ;)
Tell me if you want any other look or an inspired look from any character !

Have a nice day !


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