The Golden Brand Series - Restyle


Hey ! How it's going?

So... Today starts a serie of posts related to brands i tried and love for the amount of reasons i'll show you bellow and on the next posts.
It will be released on Wednesdays and it's called (as you may have seen on the title)  The Golden Brand Series .

The first brand i'm going to mention is a favorite for a long time, i may tell you that i felt inlove at the first sight..

Restyle   is an online store that sells clothes and accessories made for alternative people such as Goths and Steampunks (and others alike)... I presume you know my love for Goth fashion and Goth subculture so obviously i wouldn't pass unnoticed to this kind of store.
The brand designer for majority of the clothes and jewellery is Euflonica a super tallented graphic designer, she does pretty unique and precious designs which i love for the fact.

Here's some pictures of the things you can find there:

(the model is super duper gorgeous i know)

As you can see the shirts they made are absolutely GORGEOUS! I want them all (holds excitment)

I already have 3 and none of them are in this picture , one is no longer sold and the others are one a crown in a cage and another from they new collection Edgar Allan Poe portrait (yeah i'm a bit obsessed with the Sir Poe)

As i said they also sell jewellery, corsets, handbags and other amazing things:

I love their jewellery , it's so unique and omgosh i can't even tell... Check them out if you love this dark style, i mean every Goth admirer loves this fer sure!

Now.. the review itself...

Designer - original, different yet beautiful  - 10/10
Quality -  i only have t-shirts and a belt but so far its 9/10 (if you want to see my Restyle stuff tell me in the comments bellow)
Price -  on tshirts is 10/10 on jewellery is 7/10 in general is 8/10
Shipping costs - it depends on the country you live and the amount of things you buy but in general its 7/10
Staff - they're great with the clients, ships always in time, well wrapped - 10/10  

Restyle is one of my favourite brands and fashion store of all time ! My life wouldn't be the same without them .

I really advise you to check them out and buy some of their things and if you love them all buy them all or just sit crying with me for not having the money!

Thanks for reading :)


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