2014 Makeup resolutions!


Happy New Year!!!

Hey beauties, it's the first post of the year so i decided to make something different... but not totally different..
I discovered this youtuber  pinksofoxy and she inspired me! She did a series of 7 videos last year about cleaning her makeup collection and reduce everything to a more realistic ammount..
I watched the 7 videos she made and watched some more about the subject.. 
Everyone is talking about their new year resolutions.. i never did one before but now my new year resolution is to clean my makeup collection get rid of the things i don't use and keep the ones i use the most, and keep me from buying new stuff if i don't need it or i don't find any use to it.
It's not that i have a huge collection but i still have a big ammount of makeup and i'm completely conscient that i don't use some of the things i have... and it's better to give them to people who actually will use them or trow away things that don't really work or are old.

My 2014 resolution is to have a better collection of makeup where which product is used and loved.

I don't own any high end makeup products .. Most of my collection is Essence and Catrice which are cheap brands but i'm now aware that i actually prefer to stop buying for the ammount of things i will collect and begin to buy some stuff i really want to have for a long time.  

My second resolution for this new year is to stop buying stuff that i don't actually need and use all that i have .. when i finish those products i will only buy one that i really want to have and i find good to have.

Everytime i see something new coming i will think if i actually need that thing and only then buy it or not. 

I think that it's a good way to save money and keep me from collecting things since the goal of having makeup is not collecting it but use it for our own good.

What do you think about this subject? Have you ever done a cleaning makeup challenge?
Tell me in the comments bellow :)

Thanks for reading,
I wish you a wonderful year and all your wishes to come true!


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