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Hey lovely readers,
Today i'm here with a new series!! This one is related to Music and it's about songs that i truly love, i'm going to share them with you and telling you why they're so important to me, so please keep reading ;)

First Song of my Heart goes to Red Stars by The Birthday Massacre

I love love love this song, it means so much to me
And first of all i love this band, it's one of my favourite bands for 2 years now since i only met them 2 years ago and i'm so inlove for their music, all the songs have something to say to me , it's special.. 

This one has always been a favourite from this album and it means something 'cause it was a girl that's no longer my friend that introduced them to me  

Band - The Birthday Massacre
Album - Walking with Strangers
 Year - 2007 
No. - 5

'It's my red star (steal it)
It's my red star (can't let go)
It's my red star (conceal it)
It's my red star
Oh no...'



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