I need your opinion!


Hey lovelies,
today i have something to share with you and i want your opinions..

So to me makes a lot of sense to create a blog to share my interests and opinions, thinking about myself but also thinking about my readers.. Since a lot of you doesn't keep in touch with me and since i'm new at this blogger thing i'm sometimes a bit alone to decide which tide to take , i hope this makes sense..

I was commited to make 3 posts a week with the same theme but different content, but i feel the need to change something up.. i feel like this is becoming boring to you, if it's already to me to talk about the same exact thing every week..

I'm here asking for your opinion, should i or should i not keep on doing this series every week?
i feel they're useful but every week it becomes a little overwhelming, so in my opinion i should keep on doing them but instead of one per week, present one per month..

I want to do some different things in here, take more beauty related subjects such as tutorials, reviews, etc.. I hope it will please you all .

Here i leave my gratitude to you that follows me and my desire of you to keep in touch with me :)

Thank you very much for reading,


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