Bioderma Sebium Review


Today i'm going to talk about Bioderma products for oily skin!

Some time ago i was at Well's and found some good deals on this 2 Bioderma products:

 Both are about 500ml and the first one is a Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel and the second one is they Purifying Cleansing Micelle solution they original cost between 15€ and 20€

About the Foaming Gel, it removes majority of makeup itself but i still need to use another thing to take the eye makeup off since i wear loads of eyeliner and mascara, so i usually use this face wash and then a wipe to take off what it's left.
It's really refreshing on face and when i finish washing my face i feel it mattyfied as it promises, so 10 points for that. It doesn't dry out my skin and it takes the oil really well.

The Micellar water is also good , it doesn't dry out the skin and takes all the oils very easily. I think that both used in the same routine makes the difference, the water is really good on taking off eye makeup but i'm affraid it drys out the under eye area so i advise to not use it there every day. I use it alternatively with face wipes.

I really like both products and i'll keep on using them, i feel they truly help with oil control which are one of their promises.

Hope you like it ;)

Do you use any Bioderma products ? Tell me about them? Do you recomend any othe micellar water or face wash?
Righ something bellow :D

Thanks for reading!


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