OOTD #1 Black on Black


Hey hey hey, 

I want to show you one of  my outfits that i wore this past week, i loved it so much that i took some photos
Since i'm a beauty lover, more than a fashion lover this post includes my makeup 
Yes i look gothish , but you have to know although not being a Goth i still love the goth subculture including the fashion...
And Goth is not about wearing black! Let me make this clear... it happened to be this black black black outfit but it's not that what defines someone goth  

 My lips look awful and i'm sorry about that i took the picture after some hours of wearing the lipstick so its a mess but i guess you get the colour (in fact it's more darker than it shows but wtv)
Lip liner - very berry 060 - Catrice
Lipstick - wear berries 09 - Essence

On my eyes i have Kiko Makeup Milano eyeshadows and mascara :
A black matte
Burgundy with shimer
Amaranth mascara
Waterproof Eyeliner -Essence 

 Here's the belt i've talked about before, its from restyle and you can find it here
I freaking love it!   

my camera is not a good camera to took pictures with so my apologies for the bad quality... 
as you can see my outfit is majority black the only pop of colour i have is my makeup and my belt..
I'm wearing hand clips with blood on my hair like these 

I suck at this outfit things.. but i liked this one so i want to show it to you :)

Skiny - Stradivarius 
Jacket - Stradivarius here
Belt - Restyle 
Top - Lefties
Hand clips - Kreepsville 666 here
Thanks for reading,


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