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I own more lipsticks than a person can use in a lifetime however nothing I own is quite like this... Benefit was probably one of the first brands to recently come up with the idea of an easy to apply ombre lipstick but it didn't spark any interest on me. Having said that, on a trip to boots I swatched the newly launched Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipsticks and was floored by the texture and quality of the product. 

This shade in particular is called Nude Ombre and, as it suggests, comes across like a darker to lighter nude. It is somewhere between a neutral to a brownish shade which I totally like however I don't see this suit everyone. 
The formula is a comfortable matte that glides on like butter and one swipe is enough to give a super pigmented finish to the lips. The longevity is also noticeably good, only fading once in contact with food, which is not a problem since it reapplies like a dream! 
In the swatch above it looks fairly noticeable the difference between shades but I must admit it's not that obvious once you apply it to the lips, they mix well together giving the promised ombre effect without looking too defined in between shades. 

I'm honestly really impressed with this product and fascinated by the results it gives. I will definitely be looking into the other shades and possibly build up my collection. At the moment they offer 4 different shades but hopefully more are about to come. The Triple Tone Lipstick retails for 17.50£ on their website or any other retailer that stocks Smashbox. 

Let me know if you've tried any of the ombre lipsticks and your thoughts on them down bellow! 

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