Real Techniques Brow Set


A couple months ago I picked up the Real Techniques Brow Set  for half price during a Boots sale , which is amazing considering how many things this particular kit includes! Upon trying all the elements of the kit I realised that I love it more than I expected...

The Brow Scissors have a rounded edge which help trim the eyebrows without making small cuts on the skin (like I always ended up doing with a traditional pointy one) and helps with precision at the time of trimming - you don't wanna cut more than necessary when it takes to brows!

The Angled Tweezers are also really functional and easy to use however I personally prefer slanted but with a slight curved edge that helps being more precise and catching even the (almost) non existent hairs - my all time favourites are the UBU Combination Tip Tweezer

The Brow Spoolie is my favourite of all the tools in the kit! It works amazingly with my brows - whether I'm using a brow pencil or a powder this blends any product onto my brows making them as natural as possible and brushing the hairs into perfect place!

The Slanted Brush is really useful to fill in with powders or pomades, it's not overly packed with hairs but dense enough to allow precision. It also gives a lovely alternative brush for eyeliner or even to define the lips!

Lastly the Brow Highlighting Brush is perfect for highlighting the brow bone but I mainly use it for eyeshadow on my lower lash line. It is dense enough to catch a lot of product but also fluffy to a certain point where it allows a more precise blend-ability. 

All in all this set is well worth its original price tag of 19,99£ but if you can get your hands on it while its on sale don't hesitate! The quality we're used to and innovation is there, so why not?!

Let me know your favourite eyebrow tools!

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