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Kat Von D is one of the brands, if not my favourite brand for makeup! The quality, the art, the originality and consistency is superb! Nothing has ever let me down from her line and the Alchemist Palette couldn't be more perfect!

Alchemist (25£) is the duo chrome holographic palette that comes with 4 different (duo chrome) shades that can be used on the eyes or face for extreme shine and uniqueness.

It came out a couple months ago and most people were comparing it to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild that contains 6 shades of her own. Not having tried that particular one yet, I can only say Alchemist is amazing on it's own! 

The 4 highly pigmented shades ump up any look transforming it to the next level! My favourite shades are Emerald and Saphyre as they provide the most unique effect whether on the cheeks, inner corners of the eyes or centre of the lips! 

I mostly use the shadows on my eyes to be fair but when I'm feeling extra edgy I'll put emerald on the cheekbones and rock the green highlight! They look amazing on their on, layered over creams or powder shadows. You will see an extreme change when using white or black cream shadows as a base, it's magical! 

The quality is what you can expect from Kat Von D - highly pigmented, buttery, easy to use, long wearing and consistent. Hopefully she will do a volume II !! Would love to see the shade combination in that!

Is this an essential must have product? Not quite, but if you love yourself some duo chromes definitely give these a try! 

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