3 Matte Lipsticks For This Summer


I'm late to the party, once again. You've seen the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms a million times on the web and so as the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams but recently was the first time I tried those. On a random trip to Superdrug I fell in love with Fandango Purple by Sleek I spent weeks thinking about it and finally gave in. I'm in love. It's the first liquid lipstick I try and actually like as for the past I had bad experiences on this department.

Fandango Purple has a nice texture feeling comfortable on the lips once applied. It requires up to 2 coats to get the distribution of colour even meaning it slides on a little bit at first. I do not recommend applying more than 3 coats as it can make the lips feel dry and get the overall lip looking a mess as matte lipsticks naturally stand out the fine lines and textures of your natural lips. As for the pigmentation I'm very impressed showing on the swatch one swipe of product and bam bold and bright! It's not quick to apply as it requires extra time to get it all perfect since 1) it is a bold matte lip colour 2) is a liquid lipstick. It lasts all day only fading on the corners when eating greasy foods, as normal, but once applied first it's easy to retouch on the go. I love the overall formula, texture and finish perfect for every type of look, and the colour is obviously my favourite part!
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm is not new in the world of makeup but it definitely is new on my makeup collection! On a 2 for 10£  deal at Boots I couldn't resist! The peppermint sent gives me more reasons to use this everyday besides all the qualities this product carries within! The shade selection has something for everyone so I picked two shades I love - Sultry & Shameless  - The pinky mauve shade for day to day wear and the purple bang for a night out or to spice up a day look! Different from the Sleek one, this are not dry at all and give more of a satin/matte than a true matte finish in my opinion. They transfer quite easily but last around 4 hours with no retouch needed. The pencil stick is easy to carry on meaning no fuss when retouching through out the day and the bright colour of the packaging helps it not getting lost on my handbag. I've been using this non stop as much as the Sleek one it definitely shows how loved these products are!
If you're looking for a matte lip product I recommend both of these! The Sleek for the beautiful shade selection, smudge proof and lasting power and the Revlon for the ease of a bright matte lip on a daily basis!

Have you tried any of these? 

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