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The luminosity of an angel is enigma but the light of an inner corner must be outstanding! 
If eyeliner is your thing you for sure love to use different colours and create the most variable designs and as for one of those days I didn't bother to put eyeshadow on I decided to give the eye makeup a flick through a different eyeliner work. 

Angel wings are said to be round not black for sure, but full of luminosity. Having Kiko 293 - a grey-ish shade with blue and silver sparkles - standing on my palette I had to just grab it and transform it into a liner! Inglot Duraline is the perfect pair for any eyeshadow to work as eyeliner. Grabbing a 0 brush from the craft store I started to draw a line following my lashes giving it a flick at the end. On the lower part of the wing I tried to mimic angel's wings by rounding it in two stages and voilà! 
The intense highlight on the inner corner is given by Catrice Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 010 Eye Like! or Angel's Luminosity if you want! To finish up the look I applied Eldora Lashes in H153 - I'm still working on that department, don't judge the not so flattering application - I'm open to all the tips you can give me about lashes!

Are you an eyeliner lover?

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