5 Ways to Use Brown Eyeshadow


Multi tasking products is no longer new to the beauty community so when it takes to my beauty session I often reach for the same product for different things. Guess what it is? A brown eyeshadow!
Brown eyeshadows can be girls best friends when they don't have the time to sit there and choose every and any other bit of makeup. Did I mention it will save you space on the makeup bag? Great! So a Brown eyeshadow can be used as:

Brow powder
Easy one! I bet you knew this one! Actually when the shade of brown is the perfect match to your brows it can be a space saver on your clutch and time saviour on the go!

With a mixing medium you can turn any powder to liquid liner making that brown shade you used to fill in your brows a good replacement for the so used black liner. 

Contour or Bronzer
Depending on the amount of warmth it carries on, that brown powder can also be used to your contour if on the ashy side or to warm up your face if on the warmer side! 

Lipstick Toner
What I mean is when you have a super nude lipstick that washes you out why not put some of that brown eyeshadow over top to make it suitable for you!

Finally the purpose it's been created for! Use it as an eyeshadow on the lid or on the crease, its all up to you! 

Take the most out of your brown eyeshadows and experience a new world with it!

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