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Not being a master of sculpting my face I have quite a few bits to help me on the matter! At this right moment Strobing is the new trend but for those Contour lovers a good shaping kit is a necessity! 
On a collection of 3 sets with contour and highlighting powders I'm about to unveil which one is my favourite and what I love about every single kit! The greatest part is they are all drugstore priced, affordable to everyone out there and for sure you'll find one to suit your taste!

Kiko Sculpting Bronzer / Sleek Face Contour Kit /  Maybelline Master Sculpt
The most important thing to say is that my skin is light so I tend to go for lighter shades to appear more natural although on the Maybelline Master Sculpt I opted for the Medium/Dark option as it looked more ashy tone perfect for the look I want to achieve! Being the darkest option it still suits my light complexion perfectly giving the amount of colour I need! As you can see on the swatches it definitely has more ashy tones but the difference in colour is not too noticeable meaning any light skin can pull this out! 
Sleek Face Contour Kit is not new and probably one of the first products to appear on the drugstore for the matter but being my lazy self I didn't find the need to give it a go until a few months back! What I was missing!! It's a great product for the price of ~6£ giving the perfect natural contour effect on my skin. It's a bit more powdery than the others but it doesn't matter much to me as it doesn't show off on the skin that way. It lasts all day becoming even more beautiful after a few hours of wear! One to try if you haven't yet!
Last but not least the Kiko Daring Game Limited Edition Sculpting Bronzer in Radiant Honey has a special place in my heart! It has two contouring shades that can be mixed for a natural look or if you prefer get the darkest one to sculpt your face and the light one to bronze! It is the warmest of them all but once again it doesn't show orang-y on the skin and can be used as a bronzer if you prefer! Sadly was a limited edition but if you have it -lucky you- it sure does a great job! 

Maybelline Master Sculpt / Sleek Face Contour Kit / Kiko Sculpting Bronzer

Highlight has been my favourite thing for the past months, not because it's a trend but I finally managed to apply it the right way, or so do I think! I've managed to get my hands on the so famous Mary-Lou Manizer but before I had a few great choices such as the Sleek one! Being my favourite of the 3 shown it obviously stands up quite well next to Mary-Lou being a great alternative for those who can't get the first one. Having the most beautiful gold tone to it, Sleek highlighter makes every skin look radiant, glow-y and healthy! A must in everyone's collection to be fair! As for the Maybelline one, it definitely has a more subtle shimmer to it and doesn't give as much glam as the Sleek one but for a daily use it's great! Both having soft texture compliment fair to light skin tones and I love to use them with a fan brush from RT! Kiko being limited edition won't have much of a spotlight in here but I sure love this one as well and give it much use when nothing else is up to my expectations! Kiko never fails me! From all the three Skeek is the one with a butter-y consistency standing up in quality of application as the Maybelline and Kiko ones have a bit more fall out and powder-y formula.

Overall we all know my favourite contour powder of the moment goes to the Master Sculpt Kit and Highlighting wise my Sleek does not disappoint!

Have you tried a contour kit? Which one is your favourite?

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