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When you make a decision of 1) being a pastry chef 2) moving to another country you face many changes mostly when it takes to your nails. My hands look awful, the nails are shapeless and fragile something I wouldn't expect as for the past years (before the pastry course) I had long and good looking nails as you can see on this post
Apart from all the drama of having to give all the 40 polishes I had on my drawers I still managed to keep 5, 4 colours that I can't live without and a matte top coat making the minimum nail set complete.
As you can probably tell Kiko has my favourite polishes as they have an amazing range of colours and finishes lasting a pretty good time on me. Long story short I had to keep my two most used blues, a vampy red and an emerald shade for the times I still manage to have good looking nails, that are not too often this days.
Nail art used to be one of my favourite things to do justifying the amount of colours and finishes I had back then. Sadly I don't do it anymore and I'm afraid I lost my touch on that department but if I ever end up having a different job that allows me to have the manicure on point I sure will grow back my nail polish collection. Till then I'm left with 4 favourites to use and abuse on the upcoming occasions, the ones I know won't let me down. 

Which nail polishes are your favourites?

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