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Garnier Micellar Water £4.99

I'm quite sure you are all finding this post a waste of time as you read millions of reviews on this product but actually this one is quite new. As you can tell for the packaging Garnier redesigned the bottle of the so famous Micellar Water and I'm quite sure they reformulated the formula as well. Why do I think that? I tried the first one, everybody raved about. It was good but nothing special. It did remove my makeup but made my eyes a bit dry and left my skin uncomfortable after using that's why I never featured it in a post. It took me ages to finish the bottle and honestly I can't remember if I did it completely.
For the time I went to Superdrug and saw the new stand for this bottle of goodness in a quite good deal I decided to pick it up again. Who knows it would be a different story now and it was indeed. No longer it leaves my skin feeling uncomfortably dry or leave my eyes dehydrated. Removes all the makeup effortlessly, the reason behind my purchase, leaving my skin fresh and ready for the day/night. I can't assure you it was reformulated as I didn't find anything about it on Garnier's website but my experience with it went from not so good to a daily use product.
The fact they changed the bottle is great as I prefer this one much better so definitely I recommend trying this one if you already loved it or if you didn't find anything special still give it a go as it can surprise you. 

Have you tried Garnier Micellar Water?

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