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Blue eyeliners seem to be my favourite as the collection keeps growing to the level of a focus post on MB! Why Blue? It makes brown eyes pop and can be worn with loads of colour combinations in many different ways! 
From navy to sky blue here's my collection of pencil liners that I love to wear on a day to day basis. Hopefully you'll find one to suit your taste!

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Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil 409 / Catrice Longlasting Eye pencil waterproof 090 Petrol and the Wolf / Essence Longlasting Eye pencil 17 Tu-Tu-Touqouise / Kiko Smart Eye Pencil 813 - 807 - 809 - 810 -806 

As you can see my collection is all from affordable brands the most expensive one must cost 5£ so it's quite easy to build a big collection out of it. Kiko has the most amazing pencil liners as they stay on the waterline for a very long time and most of them have a creamy formula. The 809 is harder than the others due to the amount of shimmery particles in it but you just warm it up on the back of your hand a bit before applying. One of my most used is 813 a sky blue that goes perfect with neutral eyeshadow looks to give that pop!
Kiko Smart Eye Pencils retail for 2,50£ but I buy them at half price most of the time making them even cheaper! They have a butter-y consistency mainly on the matte formula ones but the shimmers, depending on the amount of glitter in it, can be quite easy to work with as well. 
Also by Kiko I love the Glamorous Eye Pencils having them in other colours 409 is a recent addition to my collection and I couldn't be more happy! Retailing at 4.90£ each the Glamorous Pencils glide on like a dream with super soft texture and incredible colour pay off. The pigmentation can be richer than the fellows Smart Pencils being one of the reasons for the price but both have their own qualities and I wouldn't pick one. The only thing I find is the Glamorous Pencils have slightly more shimmery colours as for the Smart Pencils have a selection of different finishes.
Last but not least, the retractable ones in my blue sea are from Catrice and Essence both brands well loved. 090 by Catrice has the hardest texture of them all feeling a bit waxy sometimes which makes it last longer than the others in the waterline. Colour pay-off is incredible being this particular one a favourite! Essence Longlasting range has a special spot in my heart as I've used 10 or more of this range's black liner (love of a lifetime) meaning I couldn't live without other colours from this family. 17 is a really beautiful bright blue with sparkling shimmers very similar in shade to 813 by Kiko. It has a good lasting power and glides on effortlessly on the waterline.

All of my blues have a special place in my collection, I use them all to achieve different styles and combinations on a daily basis and never felt disappointed! I highly recommend checking them out as they're all affordable and good quality! 

What's your favourite blue eyeliner?

Thanks for reading,

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