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I'm 100% sure everyone on the blogging community has at least one product they bought because of other blogger or youtuber. I'm no different but instead of doing a 'youtube made me buy it' kinda post I'm being more realistic and sharing with you what NikkieTutorials influenced me to buy. Why Nikkie? Easy! My favourite youtuber of all time and the one I trust to recommend me things.
Kiko Cleansing Eyes & Lips
You'll find that I love everything in this post but the makeup remover has to be my favourite. I'm on my second bottle of this and I can't find a replacement. I don't even want to find one as this does the perfect job! Removes every trace of eye and lip makeup, even those stain lipsticks, and lasts for a long time! For 6£ you can't go wrong! Thanks Nikkie!

Zoeva Complete Eye Set
I have the brush set for a year now and I first heard about Zoeva through Nikkie, as I was needing to buy a few more eye brushes I jumped for it and girl she was so right! The hype around Zoeva speaks louder now but with all my honesty I can't seem to live without these! I have a post on my top 5 that you can check here.

Tarte Tartelette palette
I'm not going to be long as I already have a post about this one but the main thing here is this palette is my very first high end eyeshadow palette and I love it to death! Nikkie was the main influence on me to buy it and sure have to thank her as I can't live without it!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black
If you subscribe her channel or read her blog you know how she loves this liquid gem! I bought it recently and I'm still testing it out but so far so good! For the price of ~3£ who can go wrong? Super intense black and fine brush for an easy application.

MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow palette
Another palette another love. This one is to die for I don't understand why I kept it away from me for this long!! It has stunning shades and gorgeous pigmentation. I'm going to do a separated review on this one with swatches and you'll see what I'm talking about!

These are only 5 things but the collection keeps growing *looking at the Nivea Man After Shave Balm & Mary-Lou Manizer*. Nikkie is incredible as a makeup artist I love her work and listen to her recommendations with an open book as she never failed me!

Who is your main influence to buy makeup?

Thanks for reading,

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