Essence Spring Releases!


Essence is getting bigger here in the UK which makes me very happy since it was one of the first makeup brands I tried a few years ago! It has hits and misses like every other brand but for the price, most of their releases are phenomenal!

I was super excited to try their new Mosaic Blushes (2,50£) so I got the shade 40 The Berry Connection and 20 All You Need Is Pink , I love both but the berry one shows up better on the skin. Pigmentation is not too strong which is great if you're scared of overdoing it! 
I love eyeshadow as you probably know by now and I couldn't go without picking at least 2 of the new The Velvets (1,30£) shadows! As far as I know they only have 8 shades out but hopefully that will expand! The beige one - 01 Fluffy Clouds - is amazing for the brow bone and the mauve - 07 You Better Mauve It - is brilliant for the crease on a soft day look! 
The I Heart Nude range is out for a while now but as I was looking for a new brow bone shade, or maybe two, I grabbed 01 Vanilla Sugar (1,00£). Its texture is soft and pigmentation is on point! 
To intensify the shades I also grabbed the new I Heart Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base (2,30£)! It works wonders! It takes the shades to another level, can't wait to try it out more and see how it lasts throughout the day!
Lastly I got me a new Shader Brush (1,50£) since Essence brushes are amazing for the price and a pair of Tweezers (2,00£)

I'm so impressed with Essence last releases and innovative designs, it feels good to see a brand that inspired me to do makeup get better each year!

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